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We help patients receive a remote second opinion on their cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis.

Why Remote Second Opinions?

Patients can get another opinion on their diagnosis without leaving their homes.


The first diagnosis isn't always correct or complete. According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, 88% of original diagnoses were changed or refined by a second opinion.

A second opinion can provide alternative options, which can benefit the patient physically, emotionally and financially. Even just a confirmation of a diagnosis can provide peace of mind.

Everyone deserves that.

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The Mike Shane Memorial Fund is a 501(c) (3) Public Charity

How This Works for Patients:

  1. Apply for a grant.

  2. We make sure you meet basic eligibility requirements (listed on our application page).

  3. If you do, we connect you with our medical partners for an initial case review. 

  4. Once approved, our medical partners collect your complete medical information and give it to the doctor who will review your diagnosis (without you having to travel!)

  5. The doctor provides a written report giving his opinion on your diagnosis.

  6. You and your local doctor can determine the best course of treatment now that you have another expert's opinion on your condition.

And it's all free for patients thanks to our generous donors!


Everyone in need of remote second opinions will feel welcome

Our Values


Always act with transparency, dignity, and respect

Focus on outcomes

Work with top institutions to help get the most accurate diagnosis for patient


Patient Advocacy Partner Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

We couldn't do this without the help of these amazing organizations:

Advocacy Partners


Watch Kenneth and Linda's testimonial about their experience getting a Remote Second Opinion at Cleveland Clinic through the Mike Shane Memorial Fund

When diagnosed with a rare cancer, you have to seek out specialists.   You can’t trust your care to someone who may see one or two patients a year with your cancer.  Seek out a second opinion from a major cancer center specialist to ensure you get the best treatment plan, the best options and the best outcomes.”

Kathy Barbosa. CA

From our community

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