The Mike Shane Memorial Fund (MSMF) is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3). All donations made to MSMF are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.

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About Us

The Mike Shane Memorial Fund was created as the philanthropic arm of Purview, a company whose mission is to improve medical outcomes by enabling access and sharing of diagnostic information, including for remote second opinions. A remote second opinion allows an expert physician to review a patient's medical records and images and make a diagnosis without the patient having to travel. Some patients can't afford this expense and some insurance may not cover it.

Mike Shane, an investor in Purview, was a deeply devoted husband, father of three, and grandfather; a hard-working entrepreneur; and a generous philanthropist. For a decade, Mike directed the Dayton Feast of Giving, which hosts a free Thanksgiving meal annually for the Dayton, Ohio community. He also served on the Board of Trustees for Dayton Children's Hospital, the Southwest Ohio Board of the American Heart Association, and the Board of Trustees for the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton.

Mike was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) in February of 2018. He died in April of 2019.

To honor Mike's legacy of generosity, Purview launched the Mike Shane Memorial Fund because we believe every person should have access to a second opinion.

We launched on what would have been Mike's 59th birthday: August 13th, 2019.

"Mike had an uncanny sense of how to tackle most any situation. He was always there when you needed him and was generous with his time and resources. He was a good friend and a trusted advisor. When Mike got sick, he tried to raise awareness of his disease so that others would benefit. His open and honest posts about his condition and its impact were an important education for all who were willing to listen. The Mike Shane Memorial Fund is Purview's way of extending the impact of Mike's efforts to others similarly afflicted."

- Les Trachtman

Notes from Mike's Community